3D Dot Game Heroes Cheat codes

 3D Dot Game Heroes Cheat codes

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3D Dot Game Heroes Cheat codes

3D Dot Game Heroes Cheat codes

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3D Dot Game Heroes PS3 Cheat codes
3D Dot Game Heroes Cheat codes

Alternate walking animation:
Pause game play and press L1, R1, L1, R1, L1(2), R1(2), Square.

Invisible shield:
Pause game play and press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, Square, Triangle.

Spelunker mode:
Start a new game and enter SPELUNKER as a name. This mode features alternate dialogue, death with one hit, and the death sound from the original Spelunker.

Small Block swords:
Collect Small Blocks from chests and White or Silver Slimes, then travel east from the castle and cross the river. Move north and use the Wire Rod to cross the river back to the west to find a small cave. Go inside and speak to the NPC on the throne to receive the following swords as a trade for the corresponding number of Small Blocks:

Gorgon Sword - 5 Small Blocks.
Luck Sword - 8 Small Blocks.
Star Sword - 10 Small Blocks.
Mage Sword - 12 Small Blocks.
Katana - 15 Small Blocks.
Orihalcon - 18 Small Blocks.
Excalibur - 20 Small Blocks.

Lost Woods hint:

While heading to the second dungeon, you must go through a maze in the woods to reach the entrance of the dungeon. The path is as follows: forward, right, up, left, left, down, left, up, up.

Wing Sword hint:
To obtain the Wing Sword you must get first place times in the Dash games in Raejack Village (weapon shop next to the blacksmith) and Colneria Village (item shop).

Spelunker mode:
During game play in From mode you may encounter a Spelunker trapped in an area at the top-left corner of the map. Use the flame wand on the stump to the right of him to free him and unlock Spelunker mode in a new game.

Alternate title screen:

To unlock an alternate title screen, successfully complete the game.

Alternate Ending: The Princess and the Fairie:

-There's a missing princess in Dotnia, but you won’t be able to save her unless you follow these careful steps. You can begin this sidequest just after completing the Wind temple, and BEFORE returning to Dotnia Castle to meet with the sages. Stock up on keys at Jim's Shack; two of each color (Red, Blue and Green). Head west from the Shack and cross the small stream. Look at your minimap to see a red pixel along the cliff wall -- step onto the pixel to teleport to a new area with a special treasure: the Anchor Rod.

-You can use this extended grappling hook to reach the island in the circular lake to the south. Make the long trek to this lake via a path leading west from the desert. Grapple over to the island and blow open the door. Spend three more keys in the mini dungeon and, at the far end you'll find a second fairy friend.

-With your two pixie pals in tow you can now seek out a similar cave in the far north. The entrance to this one can be found a few screens to the southeast of Hotel Nialliv in the swamp. At the end of this cave you'll find a third fairy -- but it turns out that this one's the Princess. Head back to the castle to return the lovely lady to her digs.

-With the Princess returned, things go a bit differently in the following cutscenes. The ending is different too.

Obtaining the Anchor Rod:
-Note: The Wire rod is required. Use your Wire Rod to cross to the mountain range in the northeast corner of the world map. Instead of moving west to Joe's Shack (the Inn), move east. Use the Wire Rod to cross the small river and walk along the cliff fast heading east. You'll come to an area with some enemies and a ridged northern cliff face. Examine this cliff face on your minimap. Between two of the ridges you should be able to make out a red pixel in the second nook from the right.

-Stand on the red pixel to warp to a new location. Here you'll find a chest with the Anchor Rod. You can use this to access previously out of reach areas; like the upper right hand corner of the map!

Obtaining the Beam Sword:
Note: The Swamp Boots are required. In the swamp between Hotel Nialliv and the final dungeon, head north to find two neat rows of trees. Search between these trees to find the Mirror of Truth. Head to the Hotel Nialliv and talk to the boy in the top right area. He'll tell you to lift some curses with the Mirror. You must talk to cats and dogs in and around each town AND inn to return them to human form (and the blob in Raejack Village who becomes a human). Once you return all the animals (about six) to human form, talk to the boy in the Hotel Nialliv to receive the Beam Sword.

Gold Farming:
Note: The Wire Rod is required. In the southwest heath area, just north of the graveyard, you'll encounter blue Zombies that drop gold pieces (worth 100G!) with reasonable frequency. There's a fairy fountain in a cave down here as well. To the east of the fairy fountain you can move between areas, thus causing the enemies to respawn. Travel north and south between areas (or in and out of the fairy fountain if you wish) and kill these enemies to line your pockets with G.

-Note: The Swamp Boots are required. In the swamp between Hotel Nialliv and the final dungeon are a number of Zombies and Blue Centaurs that tend to drop gold pieces (worth 100G). Enter the final dungeon to make these enemies respawn for easy pickens'.

Obtaining the Hero's Shield:
-4000G are needed before you attempt this sidequest. After completing the Wind Temple, you should be packing the Flame Shield. Talk to Dic in Raejack Village to upgrade the Flame Shield to the Bolt Shield. This will run you 1000G. Bolt Shield in hand, head to Jim's Shack in the northwest mountains. Talk to the mustachioed dude to purchase one of each key type: Red, Blue and Green. These will cost you 1000G a piece.

-With a pocket full of keys, hightail it over to the northern swamp. To the west of the Dark Tower is a cracked wall that you can blow open with a bomb. Make your way to the end of the mini-dungeon to find an adventurer that's interested in your crummy Bolt Shield. Trade him for the Hero Shield.

Obtaining the Hero's Sword:
Note: The Wire Rod and Flame Wand are required. In the southwest corner of the map you'll find the graveyard. Examine your minimap and you'll see that one of the graves is not marked by a dot. The grave in question is one over (west) and three up (north) from the southeast corner of the graveyard. You can push this gravestone upwards to reveal a passage leading down. Talk to the Hero's ghost in the grave to receive the awesome Hero's Sword.


Bronze trophies

Already got used to it? - Play the game for 5 hours.
Blew Up a Monster! - Kill an Enemy with the Bomb.
Defeated a Giant Enemy! - Kill a Guardian.
Defeated a Monster! - Kill an Enemy with the Sword.
Registered a Monster! - Register an Enemy in the Encyclopaedia.
Shot a Monster! - Kill an Enemy with the Bow and Arrow.
Someone Wants To Join In! - Create an Edit Character.
Took A Memento Photo! - Take a Photo.
Use Magic! - You've obtained the maximum amount of MAGIC!
You Casted a Spell! - You've obtained the maximum amount of LIFE!
You Protected Yourself! - Guard an Enemies Attack.
Your Sword Has Got Stronger! - Improve your Sword.

Silver trophies
Travelled Around The World! - Go to all Maps.

Gold trophies
Collected All Swords! - Obtain Every Sword.
Encyclopaedia Completed! - Complete the Encyclopaedia.

Platinum trophy
Congratulations! - Congratulations! Thanks for playing up till here.

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