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BioShock  PS3 Cheat Code

BioShock  PS3 Cheat Code

  • BioShock 2: Sea Of Dreams trailer

    Successfully complete the game to unlock the trailer for the game's sequel at the "Extra" menu.

  • Alternate endings

    There are three different endings in the game, depending on how the Little Sisters were treated. If more than one Little Sister was harvested, the "bad" ending will play. If no Little Sisters were harvested, the "good" ending will play. If one Little Sister was harvested, but the rest were rescued, a third ending will play.

  • Restoring hacked robot's health

    After hacking a robot, it will begin firing at your enemies. If the robot gets hit, it will begin to lose health, catch on fire, and eventually blow up. To stop this from happening, deactivate the robot (press X while pointing at the robot), then reactivate it a few seconds later. This should make the robot have full health again.

  • Hitting the jackpot at slot machine

    Save the game before you start playing the slot machine. Then, keep reloading your saved game until you hit the jackpot.

  • Easy money

    Use the Incinerate Plasmid on any slot machine to corrupt the machine. You will usually always win money when you use the burnt out machine.

  • Molotov cocktails

    While normally the various alcoholic beverages (for example, Arcadia Merlot, Old Tom Whiskey, etc.) scattered throughout the game are used to recover health, they can be turned into Molotov cocktails similar to those used by the "Nitro Splicer" enemy. To do this, use a source of flame, such as the chemical thrower, the Incinerate! Plasmid, or an environmental source. Ignite the alcohol bottle, pick it up with the Telekinesis Plasmid, and throw it at the enemy of choice.

  • Save game recommendations

    Save the game before fighting a Big Daddy or other difficult enemies. If you do not like the results (used too much health, wasted too much ammunition, etc.), you can simply reload your saved game and try again until you are satisfied.

    After becoming a Big Daddy, create a new saved game. At this point, you will be close to the end of the game. If you missed something, you can go to the Bathysphere and explore Rapture again; you are also a Big Daddy now so the Splicers will not harm you, security cameras will not set off alarms, etc.

  • Tonic locations

    Medical Pavilion

      1. Security Expert: On a shelf in the Twilight Fields mortuary.

      2. Speedy Hacker: In the corner of Painless Dental.

      3. Wrench Jockey: In Kure All, through the crawl shaft on the floor.

      4. Hacker's Delight: Activate the furnace in the Eternal Flame Crematory.

      5. Static Discharge: In the Surgery Foyer next to Steinman's lab.

      6. Eve Link: Purchased at Gatherer's Garden

      7. Armored Shell: Purchased at Gatherer's Garden

    Neptune's Bounty

      8. Wrench Lurker: Lower Wharf, near the edge of the walkway (after you get the camera.).

      9. Focused Hacker: Inside Fontaine Fisheries, next to first pneumo tube.

      10. Medical Expert: On the lower Wharf as you enter the level.

      11. Extra Nutrition: Purchased at Gatherer's Garden


      12. Security Evasion: On the lower left area of Arcadia. It will be next to a dead Houdini Splicer that is surrounded by four Thuggish Splicers.

      13. Hacking Expert: On the desk as you enter the Research Laboratories.

      14. Shorten Alarms: Purchased at Gatherer's Garden

      15. Human Inferno: Purchased at Gatherer's Garden

      Farmer's Market

      16. Eve Link 2: To the left of the entrance, near the Circus Of Value and U-Invent machine

      17. Photographers Eye: In the bunk of the bottom floor of the winery.

    Fort Frolic

      18. Alarm Expert: On the balcony of the fleet Hall. Jump to it from the balcony next to it.

      19. Frozen Field: Search Matin Finnegan's corpse.

      20. Extra Nutrition 2: Down the stairs behind the main stairway of the main atrium near Eve's Garden.

      21. Electric Flesh: In Cohen's dressing room. Must complete his masterpiece, then go to the room next to the upstairs projection booth.

      22. Medical Expert 2: Unlocked by Sander after you complete his masterpiece.

      23. Hacking Expert 2: Purchased at Gatherer's Garden

      24. Bloodlust: Must be invented in the U-Invent machine

      25. Booze Hound: Must be invented in the U-Invent machine

      26. Hacker's Delight 2: Must be invented in the U-Invent machine


      27. Frozen Field 2: On a desk in the bottom corner of the central core.

      28. Security Evasion 2: In Lower Heat Loss Monitoring on a desk.

      29. Damage Research: Secret crawlspace in the back of the lower workshops.

      30. Shorten Alarms 2: Geothermal core (after you deploy the bomb).

    Olympus Heights

      31. Clever Inventor: On a desk in Suchong's Apartment.

      32. Electric Flesh 2: On a desk in Fontaine's Apartment.

      33. Speedy Hacker 2: Purchased at Gatherer's Garden

      34. Wrench Lurker 2: Purchased at Gatherer's Garden

    Apollo Square

      35. Medical Expert 3: Second floor of Suchong's clinic.

      36. Focused Hacker 2: Fourth floor of the Hestia building.

    Point Prometheus

      37. Safe Cracker 2: Autopsy room of the first floor of Little Wonders.

      38. Alarm Expert 2: On a filing cabinet in Point Prometheus.

      39. Damage Research 2: On a desk in the second floor library.

      40. Hacker's Delight 3: Next to Rosie helmets in Failsafe Armory.

      41. Human Inferno 2: Purchased at Gatherer's Garden

    Tenenbaum Gifts

      42. Safecracker: Rescue 6 Little sisters.

      43. Armored Shell 2: Rescue 15 Little sisters.

      44. Prolific Inventor: Rescue 18 Little sisters.

    Research Bonuses

      45. Natural Camoflage: Research level 2 Houdini Splicers.

      46. Scrounger: Research level 2 Leadhead Splicers.

      47. Sportboost: Research level 2 Thuggish Splicer.

      48. Photographer's Eye 2: Research level 2 Rosie.

      49. Wrench Jockey 2: Research level 2 Bouncer.

      50. Extra Nutrition 3: Research level 4 Spider Splicer.

      51. Sportboost 2: Research level 4 Thuggish Splicer.

      52. Static Discharge 2: Research level 4 Leadhead Splicer.

      53. Security Expert 2 : Research level 2 Security Bot.

  • Weapon Upgrade Station locations

      1: In Peach Wilkins' hideout (Neptune's Bounty), bottom floor. As soon as you come downstairs, it is directly in front of you.

      2: On the way to Farmer's Market in Arcadia, the station is located to the left after you go up the first stairs coming from Tree Farm.

      3: Go to Winery's basement in Farmer's Market. There is a flooded area with one of them attached to the wall. It is in front of you when you come down the stairs; just keep going forward.

      4: In Fort Frolic, from the Atrium bottom floor, go towards the bathrooms. Then, move right and follow the path until you see some small stairs to your right leading up to a door. Go inside, then go down into the basement. The basement is filled with cigars and other stuff. The upgrade station is on the wall.

      5: Go to Poseidon Plaza in Fort Frolic. Go to the other end of the bottom floor (the opposite end of where you enter). Go into Sinclair Spirits (the room that has a corpse on a sort of "altar"). In the basement of this store is the station.

      6: In Hephaestus Core Room, go down to the bottom floor, and run around (literary). Eventually you will see it attached to the wall.

      7: In Hephaestus, Kyburz's office. It is attached to the left wall (back turned to the entrance) in the rear of the room.

      8: At the bottom floor of the Mercury Suites area, on the back of the center pillar.

      9: In Sander Cohen's secret room, in the Olympus Heights' Mercury Suites area.

      10: Go to Atlas' Headquarters in Apollo Square (Fontaine's Home For The Poor area). It is located on the fourth floor. Go down the stairs in the room and look to the right. The station will be in front of you.

      11: When you enter Point Prometheus and chase Fontaine, eventually you will end up in a little square, and Fontaine will go behind a locked Museum door. At the opposite end of this square (from where you came) is a dead Big Daddy. Next to it is the upgrade.

      12: In the Voice changing labs in Point Prometheus, one of the labs has it.

  • Easy kills

    When you start, you will have the Wrench and the Electric Bolt Plasmid. Using these in rapid succession against most Splicers can often result in an efficient, quick kill. First, shock the Splicer. Before the convulsion ends, switch to the wrench, aim high, and hit the Splicer over the head. An efficient way of killing the Spider Splicers is to shoot a few clips of anti-personnel ammunition, preferably from the machine gun.

  • Finding Chompers' Dental key

    The key to Chompers' Dental in the Medical Pavilion is acquired by using Telekinesis through the broken window to the left of the door. There should be a corpse hanging over the broken window. The key should be grabbed with Telekinesis because it is hanging on a wall on the other side of the window. You can get Telekinesis in an area near here. You will need to get that first, but do not follow the arrow back to the rubble that you need to get rid of until you explore Chompers' Dental. There is a safe and other good items inside. Note: Both Telekinesis and Chompers' Dental are near where you find the shotgun.

  • Reaching Atlas Fontaine's penthouse

    The code to get to Atlas Fontaine's penthouse is "5744", which is in an Audio Diary.

  • Defeating Atlas Fontaine

    Atlas Fontaine, the the final Boss, has three different styles of attacks: Flame Plasmid, Ice Plasmid, and Electric Plasmid Form. An easy way to defeat him in the first part is to use your Ice Plasmid and freeze him. Then, switch to your Telekinesis Plasmid. Grab an explosive tank, and throw it at him. Also, if desired, just use your telekinesis. He is very predictable if you are far away from him. Wait for him to throw a fire ball at you, then move out of the way. He will continue to run past you. Use this chance to fire the machine gun, which does the most damage to him. Once he goes back to his chamber to gain his life back, change to the Flame Plasmid, and get ready for some bots. Once he starts his routine of fire and run, shoot him with the Flame Plasmid as many times as possible. Continue to use the machine gun while he is aflame. He will now go back to his chamber one last time. He will now have electrical powers. Keep your Flame Plasmid ready. Shoot him with the Flame Plasmid, and he will run for the water. Once he jumps in the water and comes back out, hit him with it again. Be aware that there are Splicers all over as well; set them ablaze to get some extra life. There are many different ways to defeat him, but this is an easier way.

    An easy way to defeat Atlas Fontaine is to make sure that you have the fully upgraded shotgun and the Decoy ability. After you drain his Adam, drop a decoy and while Atlas is attacking it, use the shot gun. After you have used all four rounds immediately cast Decoy again, reload your shotgun, then begin shooting him again. Repeat this until you have to drain his Adam. Once again, reload your shotgun and Plasmids before you drain his Adam. Then, start over using Decoy and the shotgun. Use health packs as needed and ignore any Splicers in the area, as they will be paying attention to your Decoy just like Atlas.

  • Defeating Big Daddies

    When fighting a Big Daddy, use armor piercing rounds from the machine gun or pistol. For a more effective way of killing, launch frag grenades and run out a door. The Big Daddy will follow you. Fire proximity mines at the door, and when it walks through it will be damaged or destroyed.

    Once you have obtained the crossbow and at least five Trap Bolts, it is easy to kill a Big Daddy. Face a wall and stand about three feet away. Make sure it is not something that the bolts can bounce off of, and you have at least a ten foot long straight wall. Once you are better skilled at this technique, you can try for shorter lengths if desired. Point straight ahead and fire a bolt. Take about two steps to the left or right, depending on your location and which way the Bid Daddy is facing, and fire another. Once you fire all five bolts, shoot the Big Daddy once with anything. If done correctly, it will run through the line of traps, taking enough of his health away so he can be killed with just a few more shots. Note: This may not work in an open area because Big Daddies strafe frequently. If you have the damage increase for the crossbow, it will only take three or four bolts to kill him. Do not crouch while setting up the traps. If the Big Daddy walks another way and gets out of sight, you may need to go back to get him. If you do get him, you can crouch under the set traps. An easy way to trigger bolt traps is to pick up something with Telekinesis and drag the object through it.

    Once you get the Security Bullseye Plasmid, set off an alarm either by hacking or being spotted by a security camera. Then, throw the Security Bullseye at the Big Daddy. You may have to do this more than once depending on how much health the Big Daddy has when starting out. Try to avoid the battle because the crossfire and exploding bots will damage your health. The only problem with this technique is that once the Big Daddy is taken down, the bots will come after you. Be prepared to either run and hide, fight them off, or pay to shut them down.

  • Defeating Frank Fontaine

    To defeat Frank Fontaine very fast, when you first enter the room, hit him with the tool the Little Sisters gave you. Fight him when he throws you off. Once he is back on the bed, run up and hit him again with the tool to drain his Adam. This works a lot faster due to him only having four or five jars of Adam to drain, and the fights are not very long afterwards.

  • Defeating Peach Wilkins

    Once the dark cloud envelopes the icy battlefield upon which you must face Peach Wilkins, save the game, and locate the hostile turret at the end of the room when the cloud clears. Load the game, and run to it before the cloud clears, so that you can quickly freeze or shock it. Then, hack it so it shoots your enemies. Crouch down by the area to your right when facing the turret. There are a few barriers here to protect you from enemy fire. However, to avoid damage by Wilkins' grenades, keep Telekinesis as your active Plasmid. He will avoid the turret's fire, but as long as you stay behind the barriers by the turret he will stay at a safe distance. This gives you time to calmly return his grenades using Telekinesis until he dies. The turret will take out most of the Splicers. This method makes things much easier because it eliminates the hectic "run around and hit enemies with the wrench" strategy that is otherwise your only option. If the turret is not used as an ally, it can easily become a problem, along with the bots triggered by the security camera. By hiding near the allied turret however, you also hide from the camera's view.

  • Defeating security robots

    If you are up against a stationary security robot (RPG, etc.), use Telekenesis to grab a crate or pallet. Hold it in front of you until you can find a place to hide and know what to do next. The item you hold up will block some attacks.

  • Pac-Man reference

    In the Arcadia level, you will find a place that appears to be a bar. Search around a bit, and you will see a block of cheese, followed by holes. The cheese is cut like Pac-Man himself. There are holes next to it, none of which can be gun shots. If you shoot the floor with any weapon you have, the marks will not match.

  • Getting "Little Sister Savior" trophy

    Do not harvest a single Little Sister throughout the game. Tenebaum will reward you with gifts (including Adam) every time you rescue three Little Sisters. This proves more effective, as you get the same amount of Adam as you would if you harvested them, but you also get the trophy.

  • Getting "Tonic Collector" trophy

    When buying Plasmids, Tonics, and Upgrades from the Gatherer's Garden, always buy the Tonics first. Then, make sure you search every area for other Tonics. When you reach Point Prometheus, there will be three Tonics to find. The rest of the Tonics are available in the Gatherer's Garden. This will ensure you get the trophy. Note: To check how many Tonics you have, go to a Gene Bank, and count each "track".

  • Audio Diary locations

    The following is a list of all 122 Audio Diary locations to get the "Historian" trophy:


    Audio Diary name Speaker Location
    New Year's Eve Alone Diane McClintock Kashmir Bottom Floor on top of table
    Hole in the Bathroom Wall Steve Barker Kashmir Restaurant in the "Dames" bathroom
    Released Today Diane McClintock Medical Pavilion Foyer on the reception desk
    Adam's Changes Steinman Emergency Access on the desk
    Higher Standards Steinman Medical Pavilion Foyer near entrance on wall
    Parasite Expectations Andrew Ryan Medical Pavilion Foyer near surgery on desk
    Limits of Imagination Steinman Medical Pavilion Foyer by Eternal Flame's wall
    Love for Science Tenenbaum Medical Pavilion Foyer near health station
    Vandalism Andrew Ryan Medical Pavilion Foyer near vending machines
    Freezing Pipes McDonagh Medical Pavilion Foyer near bottom of stairs
    Surgery's Picasso Steinman Eternal Flame entrance near memorial
    Enrage Trial Suchong Kure All corner of main room
    Plasmids are the Paint Suchong Painless Dental desk in the corner
    Useless Experiments Tenenbaum Dandy Dental floor near entrance
    Testing Telekinesis Suchong Dandy Dental on the floor by Gatherer's Garden
    Symmetry Steinman Surgery Foyer wall by debris pile
    Aphrodite Waking Steinman Surgery desk in northern OR
    Not What She Wanted Steinman Surgery in the corpse on table the doctor worked on
    Gatherer's Vulnerability Steinman Lounge on the floor by Gatherer's Garden
    Bathysphere Keys Sullivan Lower Wharf under south end of the boardwalk
    Timmy H. Interrogation Sullivan Lower Wharf in the water of the interrogation room
    Fontaine Must Go Andrew Ryan Lower Wharf crawl under the metal grating by the pipes
    Finding the Sea Slug Tenenbaum Upper Wharf table by the stairwell entrance
    Masha Come Home Marista Lutz Upper Wharf floor by Little Sister
    Picked Up Timmy H Sullivan Upper Wharf near Little Sister in the corpse
    Watch Fontaine Andrew Ryan Upper Wharf next to the Circus of values machine
    Have My Badge Sullivan Wharfmaster's Office on desk
    Adam Discovery Tenenbaum Upper Wharf in crate below the wharfmaster's office
    Eden Leaking McDonagh Upper Wharf hallway going towards Jet Postal
    Fontaine's Smugglers Tenenbaum Jet Postal bench in glass tube
    Death Penalty in Rapture Andrew Ryan Jet Postal desk by vending machine
    Smuggling Ring Sullivan Fighting McDonagh center bar table
    Working Late Again Andrew Ryan Fighting McDonagh window bar table
    Rapture Changing McDonagh Fighting McDonagh desk in basement office
    Meeting Ryan McDonagh Fighting McDonagh crawl through the water filled ventilation shaft towards the Gene Bank
    Arresting Fontaine McDonagh Fighting McDonagh room #6 upstairs
    Saw Masha Today Marista Lutz Fighting McDonagh room #7 upstairs
    Putting the Screws On Peach Wilkins Freezer Bottom Floor next to safe
    Meeting With Fontaine Peach Wilkins Storage Cave ground by crates
    Kraut Scientist Frank Fontaine Control Room Lower Floor in locked storage cave
    Offered a Deal Peach Wilkins Submarine Bay on dock towards Arcadia
    Seeing Ghosts McDonagh Tea Garden floor left of entrance
    Mass Producting Adam Tenenbaum Tea Garden floor near chairs
    Big Night Out Dieter Sonnekalb Tea Garden floor near ghost bench
    Arcadia Closed Langford Tea Garden desk near Gene Bank
    The Market is Patient Andrew Ryan Waterfall Grottos bench near U-Invent
    Early Tests Promising Langford Waterfall Grottos near water wheel
    Offering a Better Product Andrew Ryan Waterfall Grottos near water wheel
    Heroes and Criminals Diane McClintock Waterfall Grottos in locked machinery room
    Shouldn't Have Come Mariska Lutz Lower Rolling Hills bench near stairs
    The Saturnine Langford Lower Rolling Hills cave behind waterfall
    Arcadia and Oxygen Langford Tree Farm near crate at entrance
    What Won't They Steal Langford Research Laboratories near entrance
    Teaching an Old Hound Langford Research Laboratories table in second room
    Lazarus Vector Langford Langford's Office in Julie Langford's body
    Lazarus Vector Formula Langford Langford's Office in Julie's wall safe
    Maternal Instinct Tenenbaum Tree Farm on the steps towards Farmer's Market
    Bee Enzyme Tasha Denu Farmers Market ground near pneumo tube
    First Encounter Andrew Ryan Farmers Market near Bouncer corpse
    Hatred Tenenbaum Farmers Market lower storage room desk
    Desperate Times Andrew Ryan Farmers Market near freezer crawlspace
    Pulling Together Andrew Ryan Farmers Market on meat market counter
    Water in Wine Pierre Gobbi Farmers Market near winery sign
    Adam Explained Tenenbaum Silverwing Apiary near entrance counter
    Functional Children Tenenbaum Winery on the back table
    The Great Chain Andrew Ryan Arcadia Metro Station bench right of entrance
    Musical Insult Sander Cohen Fleet Hall Theatre storage room near guitar
    The Doubters Sander Cohen Cohen's Collection downstairs table
    Come to the Record Store Cobb Southern Mall on table outside of the restroom
    The Wild Bunny Sander Cohen Sophia Salon in closet behind counter
    Artist's Feud Sullivan Cocktail Lounge above the bar safe
    Fancy Cigarettes Albert Milonakis Le Marquis D'Epogue downstairs near corpse
    The Iceman Cometh Martin Finnegan Frozen Tunnel left of entrance hall
    Stood Up Again Diane McClintock Upper Atrium top of stairs near Fleet Hall's entrance
    Guns Blazing McDonagh Robertson's Tobaccoria table near entrance
    Pregnancy Jasmine Jolene Eve's Garden under bed behind stage
    It's All Grift Hector Rodriguez Eve's Garden on the bar
    Fontaine's Army McDonagh Sir-Prize left of stairs in crate
    Bumb Culpepper? Sullivan Pharoah's Fortune on pool table upstairs
    Ryan's Stableboy Anna Culpepper Rapture Records behind entrance counter
    Requiem for Andrew Ryan Sander Cohen Projection Booth on office table
    Ryan Takes F Futuristics McDonagh Hephaestus Bathysphere St. crate near the Circus of Values machine
    Scooping the Gate Kyburz Outside Ryan's Office near the Circus of Values machine
    Stopping Ryan McDonagh Ryan's Office first corpse on right
    Going to Heat Loss Anya Andersdotter Outside Ryan's Office forth corpse on right
    A Man or a Parasite Andrew Ryan Hephaestus Core desk outside of bunks
    Fontaine's Legacy McDonagh Hephaestus Core near Vita-Chamber on the walkway
    Assassin Anya Andersdotter Hephaestus Core near Gatherer's Garden
    Kyburz Door Code Pablo Navarro Heat Loss Monitoring floor in the corner
    Genetic Arms Race McDonagh Lower Heat Loss Monitoring on desk in flooded area
    Getting a Break Pablo Navarro Lower Heat Loss Monitoring on desk near tonic
    Impossible Anywhere Else Andrew Ryan Hephaestus Core desk at bottom walkway
    Running Short on R-34s Pablo Navarro Hephaestus Core desk outside the Workshops entrance
    Device Almost Finished Kyburz Lower Workshops office desk at bottom of the stairs
    Great Chain Moves Slowly Andrew Ryan Kyburz's Office desk in back of room
    The Dream Kyburz Lower Workshops corpse in middle of room
    Assembling the Bomb Kyburz Lower Workshops secret crawlspace desk
    Market Maintenance Code Pablo Navarro Lower Workshops crawlspace under stairs
    The Vita Chamber Suchong Control Room desk left of entrance
    Mind Control Test Suchong Control Room on table beneath photos
    Baby Status Suchong Control Room on table beneath photos
    Mozart of Genetics Suchong Olympus Heights Bistro Square snack bar
    Artist Woman Sullivan Culpepper's Apartment main room's corner table
    Fontaine's Homan Jukebox Suchong Suchong's Apartment on floor in south room
    Mind Control Antidote Suchong Suchong's Apartment on desk next to tonic
    Fontaine's Breakup Paparazzi Mercury Suites near U-Invent machine on the walkway
    Sad Saps Frank Fontaine Fontaine's Apartment coffee table near cigars
    What's Happening Here? Diane McClintock Apollo Square on the ground near Circus of Values
    Atlas Lives Diane McClintock Apollo Square near Gatherer's Garden
    Protection Bond Suchong Artemis Suites Suchong's office floor
    Meeting Atlas Diane McClintock Hestia Chambers right of entrance
    The Longest Con Frank Fontaine Atlas' Headquarters on desk next of tonic
    Today's Raid Diane McClintock Atlas' Headquarters in corpse near the safe
    Changing Employers Suchong Main Hall melt the ice, enter the closet upstairs, search the trash can
    Why Just Girls? Tenenbaum Atrium Balcony on desk in second floor of orphanage
    Extra Munitions Suchong Plasmid Prototyping ground near RPG turret
    Marketing Gold Andrew Ryan Test Subject Storage on machine in right part of room near water
    Missing Boots Suchong Candidate Conversion Area desk in back of room
    Protector Smell Suchong Suit Assembly machinery 2nd floor SW
    Protecting Little Ones Suchong Suit Assembly desk 2nd floor SE room
    Mistakes Andrew Ryan Suit Assembly near the Gene Bank
    Cheap Son of a Bitch Suchong Suchong's small storage area desk
  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Maxed One Track (Bronze): The player has purchased every slot in one of the Plasmid or Tonic tracks.
      Maxed All Tracks (Bronze): Purchased every slot in all four Plasmid and Tonic tracks.
      Bought One Slot (Bronze): The player has purchased one slot in any Plasmid or Tonic track.
      Upgraded a Weapon (Bronze): The player has acquired at least one weapon upgrade.
      One Fully Upgraded Weapon (Bronze): The player has fully upgraded one weapon.
      Two Fully Upgraded Weapons (Bronze): The player has fully upgraded two weapons.
      Three Fully Upgraded Weapons (Bronze): The player has fully upgraded three weapons.
      Four Fully Upgraded Weapons (Bronze): Fully upgrade four weapons.
      Five Fully Upgraded Weapons (Bronze): Fully upgrade five weapons.
      Weapon Specialist (Bronze): Acquire all upgrades for all weapons.
      Fully Researched Thug Splicer (Bronze): The player has fully researched the Thuggish Splicer.
      Fully Researched Gun Splicer (Bronze): The player has fully researched the Leadhead Splicer.
      Fully Researched Spider Splicer (Bronze): The player has fully researched the Spider Splicer.
      Fully Researched Houdini Splicer (Bronze): Fully research the Houdini Splicer.
      Fully Researched Nitro Slicer (Bronze): Fully research the Nitro Splicer.
      Fully Researched Rosie (Bronze): Fully research the Rosie.
      Fully Researched Bouncer (Bronze): Fully research the Bouncer.
      Fully Researched Little Sister (Bronze): Fully research the Little Sister.
      Prolific Photographer (Bronze): Take at least one photo in every research group.
      Research PhD (Bronze): Max out all possible research.
      Quality Research Photo (Bronze): The player has taken a Research Photo of the highest grade.
      Researched a Splicer (Bronze): The player has taken at least one Research Photo of a Splicer.
      One Successful Hack (Bronze): The player has performed at least one successful hack.
      Hacked a Security Bot (Bronze): The player has successfully hacked a security bot.
      Hacked a Security Camera (Bronze): The player has successfully hacked a security camera.
      Hacked a Turret (Bronze): The player has successfully hacked a turret.
      Hacked a Vending Machine (Bronze): The player has successfully hacked a vending machine.
      Hacked a Safe (Bronze): The player has successfully hacked a safe.
      Skilled Hacker (Bronze): The player has successfully completed 50 hacks.
      Basic Inventor (Bronze): The player has successfully invented at least one item.
      Avid Inventor (Bronze): Successfully invent at least 100 items.
      Ammo Inventor (Bronze): The player has successfully invented all possible ammo types.
      Tonic Collector (Bronze): Collect or Invent 58 Tonics in the Physical, Engineering and Combat tracks.
      Seriously Good at This (Bronze): The player has completed the game on the Hard difficulty setting.
      Dealt with every Little Sister (Bronze): The player has either Harvested or Rescued every possible Little Sister.
      Lucky Winner (Bronze): Hit the jackpot at a slot machine.
      Toaster in the Tub (Bronze): The player has shocked an enemy in the water.
      Historian (Silver): Find every audio diary.
      Brass Balls (Gold): Complete the game on Hard difficulty without using a Vita-Chamber.
      A Man Chooses (Gold): Complete the game on Survivor difficulty.
      I Chose the Impossible (Gold): Complete the game on Survivor difficulty without using a Vita-chamber.
      Platinum Trophy (Platinum): Collected all other Bioshock trophies.

    Additionally, there are twelve secret trophies:

      Completed Welcome (Bronze): The player has successfully completed the Welcome To Rapture Level.
      Defeated Dr. Steinman (Bronze): The player has defeated the crazed Dr. Steinman.
      Defeated Peach Wilkins (Bronze): The player has defeated Peach Wilkins.
      Restored the Forest (Bronze): The player has restored the forests of Arcadia.
      Completed Cohen's Masterpiece (Bronze): The player has completed Sander Cohen's great masterpiece.
      Defeated Andrew Ryan (Bronze): The player has defeated Andrew Ryan.
      Broke Fontain's Mind Control (Bronze): The player has broken Fontaine's mind control.
      Became a Big Daddy (Bronze): The player has become a Big Daddy.
      Defeated Atlas (Bronze): The player has defeated Atlas.
      Irony (Bronze): The player has taken a picture of Sander Cohen's corpse.
      Found Cohen's Room (Bronze): The player has entered Sander Cohen's personal quarters.
      Little Sister Savior (Bronze): The player has completed the game without harvesting any Little Sisters.


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