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Blitz: The League II  PS3 Cheat Code

Blitz: The League II  PS3 Cheat Code

  • Touchdown celebrations

    Enter one of the following codes after scoring a touchdown to perform the corresponding celebration. Note: Some celebrations must be unlocked through game play before they can be used. An error message will appear if they are used too early.

      Air Traffic: Press Square, Triangle, Square, Circle.
      Back It Up: Press Square, Circle, Triangle, Circle.
      Ball Spike: Press X(3), Circle.
      Beer Chug: Press X(2), Circle(2).
      Clothesline: Unknown.
      CPR: Press Triangle(2), Circle(2).
      Dance Fever: Press Triangle(3), X.
      En Garde: Press Circle(3), Square.
      Get Down: Press Circle, X, Circle, Triangle.
      Golf Putt: Press X, Square, Triangle, Circle.
      Grenade: Press X, Square, Circle, Triangle.
      Gunslinger: Press X(2), Circle, X.
      Hand Exchange: Press Circle(2), Square, X.
      Helmet Fling: Press X, Square, X, Square.
      Knighted: Press X(2), Triangle, Square.
      Knockout: Press Square(2), Triangle(2).
      Man Crush: Press Square(3), Triangle.
      Nut Shot: Press Triangle(2), Circle, X.
      Pinned: Press Triangle, Square, Circle, X.
      Proposal: Press Circle, Square, Circle, X.
      Pylon Darts: Press X, Circle, X, Circle.
      Pylon Kick: Press Circle, X(2), Circle.
      Tango: Press Triangle, Square, X, Square.
      The Fiddler: Press Triangle, Square(2), Triangle.
      The Pooper: Press Triangle, Square, X, Circle.


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Ironman (Bronze): Score 5 TD's and get 5 sacks with Franchise in a single Campaign Mode game.
      Bulldozer (Bronze): Get 10 sacks with Franchise in one Campaign Mode game.
      Showoff (Bronze): Perform 10 different TD celebrations with Franchise in Campaign Mode.
      Hollywood (Bronze): Perform 5 different touchdown celebrations in a single game.
      Man Blanket (Bronze): Force 3 turnovers with Franchise during a Division Season in Campaign Mode.
      Welcome Rookie (Bronze): Win first game of Campaign Mode.
      Return to Sender (Bronze): Return two kickoff or punt returns for TD's in any game.
      Go Long! (Bronze): Gain 450 passing yards in any Campaign Mode game.
      Rushing Attack (Bronze): Score 5 rushing TD's in any Campaign Mode game.
      Magic Hands (Bronze): Catch every pass thrown by your QB in any Campaign Mode game.
      Safety Dance (Bronze): Force a safety in a single Campaign Mode, Quick Play or Bonus Mode game.
      Lucky 7's (Bronze): Throw at least 7 TD passes in a single game in Campaign Mode.
      Power Surge (Bronze): Score three TD's in a single quarter in Campaign Mode.
      Jackpot (Bronze): Earn $400,000 in one campaign mode game.
      Group Hug (Bronze): Land 3 three man tackles in any Campaign Mode, Quick Play or Bonus Mode game.
      Anger Management (Bronze): Accumulate 5 late hit icons in a single Campaign Mode game.
      A-Train (Bronze): Manually break 3 tackles during a Campaign Mode game.
      Early Release (Bronze): Beat Prison Ball in Campaign Mode.
      King of the Yard (Bronze): Shut out the computer in a Bonus Mode game of Prison Ball.
      He's Ready (Bronze): Complete Training Mode.
      Skidmark (Bronze): Cause 3 weather slips to your opponent in a Campaign Mode game.
      Floater (Bronze): Intercept three passes in a game.
      The Clap (Bronze): Play someone with the Clap in online play and you get the Clap.
      Lockdown (Bronze): Shut out an opponent in an online game.
      Contender (Bronze): Win a game online.
      Real Deal (Bronze): Win three games in a row online with your Campaign Mode custom team.
      Stiffarmed (Bronze): Injure 2 defenders in a single game in Campaign Mode.
      Dr. Feelgood (Bronze): Successfully perform 10 Great Triages (over 90%) in Campaign Mode.
      Sandman (Bronze): Complete 3+ sacks with Quentin Sands in a single Campaign Mode game.
      Parole Violation (Bronze): Injure an opponent with Karl Tirpitz in Campaign Mode.
      Playah (Bronze): Hook up with 3 different girls in Campaign Mode.
      Faithful (Bronze): Be faithful to 1 girl throughout Campaign Mode.
      Legendary Sophomore (Silver): Beat Division 2 in Campaign Mode.
      Legendary Rookie (Silver): Beat Division 3 in Campaign Mode.
      MVP (Silver): Franchise declared the MVP in any division season.
      Alpha Dog (Silver): Train Franchise up to an A+ rating during Campaign Mode.
      Main Man (Silver): Get Franchise's Reputation to 25 level or higher in Campaign Mode.
      House Rules (Silver): Win a game against the computer in every Bonus Mode.
      Big Spender (Silver): Spend over a million dollars in Campaign mode.
      Hot Streak (Silver): Win 5 games in a row online with any teams.
      Full Deck (Silver): Win an Online game with every team.
      Face of the League (Gold): Finish Campaign Mode.
      Hall of Fame (Gold): Franchise declared the MVP in all three division seasons.
      Platinum Trophy (Platinum): Unlock all trophies.

    Additionally, there are six secret trophies:

      Proposition (Bronze): Propose to a cheerleader in any mode of play.
      Battagliation (Bronze): Knock Bruno Battaglia out of the game during the League Championship.
      Make it Rain (Bronze): Knock New England Captain Packrat James out of the game in any mode.
      Pitbull Payback (Bronze): Knock Mike Mexico out of the game during Prison Ball (Campaign Mode or Bonus Mode).
      Anatomy Lesson (Bronze): You have caused every possible injury at least once.
      Testikill (Bronze): Rupture 10 scrotums in any mode of play.

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