Dark Sector PS3 Cheat codes

Dark Sector PS3 Cheat codes

Dark Sector PS3 Cheat codes

PS3 Cheat codes

Dark Sector PS3 Cheat codes


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Dark Sector PS3 Cheat codes
Dark Sector PS3 Cheat codes
  • Brutal mode

    Successfully complete all ten chapters to unlock the Brutal difficulty.

  • Entitlements

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to unlock a PlayStation 3 Entitlement reward:

      Baggage Claim: Complete Chapter 3.
      Champion: Best overall in a ranked team game (Multiplayer).
      Comrade: Scored 500 points in ranked team games (Multiplayer).
      Dark Sector - Brutal Difficulty: Complete the Game on Brutal Difficulty.
      Double Decap Latte: Two decapitations in one shot.
      Electrician: Electrocuted 30 enemies.
      Exposure: Complete Chapter 2.
      Finesse: 30 Aftertouch kills.
      Ghost: Used cloaking to get a finisher.
      Glaive Master: Completed a level by only using the Glaive.
      Glory: Finished best overall in a ranked match (Multiplayer).
      Greed: Collected over 50,000 rubles.
      Hardball: 30 Power-throw kills.
      Headhunter: Decapitated 30 enemies.
      Hero: Scored 5,000 points (Multiplayer).
      Hero of the people: Scored 5000 points in ranked team games (Multiplayer).
      Incinerator: Incinerated 30 enemies.
      Industrial Evolution: Complete Chapter 7.
      Jack Frost: Killed 30 frozen enemies.
      Jack the Jackal: Took the Jackal for a ride.
      Master Researcher: Collected all the weapon upgrades.
      Moths To The Flame: Complete Chapter 4.
      Prologue: Complete Chapter 1.
      Rebound: Killed an enemy with a reflected projectile.
      Researcher: Collected 10 weapon upgrades.
      Sharpshooter: 30 Headshots.
      Skeet Shooter: Shot 10 projectiles in mid-flight.
      The Bait: Complete Chapter 6.
      The Dark Sector: Complete Chapter 10.
      The Finisher: Performed 30 finishers.
      The Shipment: Complete Chapter 5.
      Threshold Guardian: Complete Chapter 9.
      Unnatural History: Complete Chapter 8.
      Veteran: Scored 500 points (Multiplayer).
      Weaponsmith: Applied 5 upgrades in the market.
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