Dead Rising 2 PS3 Cheat Code

Dead Rising 2 PS3 Cheat Code

Dead Rising 2 PS3 Cheat Code

Dead Rising 2 PS3 Cheat Code

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Dead Rising 2 PS3 Cheat Code

Dead Rising 2 PS3 Cheat Code

  • Bonus costumes

    Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding costume in the safehouse closet:

      Champion's Jacket: Win a TIR episode.
      Convicts: Kill ten psychopaths.
      Dealer Outfit: Change into all available pieces of clothing, except locker items.
      Hockey Mask: Use all melee weapons on zombies.
      Tattered Clothes (Shaun Of The Dead outfit): Kill 1,000 zombies using hand-to-hand combat.
      TIR Helmet: Earn $1,000,000 in TIR Online.
      TIR Outfit: Earn $5,000,000 in TIR Online.
      Willemette Mall: Rescue 50 survivors.


  • Ghosts 'n Goblins knight armor

    Collect all four pieces of the knight armor to reduce damage taken to half. However, if you lose 50% health, the armor will break and you will take normal damage in your underwear. The armor pieces can be collected as follows:

      Beard: In the rear of the "Wave Of Style" hairdresser's shop in Royal Flush Plaza.
      Knight's Armor: Successfully complete the game with an "S" rank.
      Knight's Boots: Purchase for $2 million from "Moe's Migitations" on the Platinum Strip.
      Knight's Helmet: Rescue Jack in the "Meet The Family" mission, and defeat him in a game of poker in the "Ante Up" case.


  • Alternate endings

    Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding ending sequence:

      Ending A: Successfully complete all cases, give Katey the Zombrex each time, and do not give TK the Zombrex before completing "The Facts".
      Ending B: Give Katey the Zombrex each time, but starting at Case 6-2, allow the time to advance until 7 a.m. on September 29, and do not complete "The Facts".
      Ending C: Do not complete all the cases while still giving Katey the Zombrex each time, and be in the safehouse before the military arrives.
      Ending D: Be outside the safehouse when the military arrives.
      Ending F: Do not give Katey the Zombrex, and be in the safehouse when the military arrives.
      Ending S: Successfully complete all cases, give Katey the Zombrex each time, and give TK the Zombrex before completing "The Facts".


  • Easy leveling

    Enter Fortune Park, and go towards the Atlantica Casino, but do not go in. Instead, follow the wall right until you see a maintenance door. There should be a stick of dynamite and a hunk of meat right outside the door. Pick both of these up, then enter the maintenance room, and combine them to get the Dynameat. Next, go to the fireworks stand, grab some firecrackers, and jump up on top of the stand. Lure a large amount of zombies near you using the firecrackers. Once there is a large group of zombies, jump into the middle of the crowd, use the Dynameat, and then get out quickly. Once it explodes, you will get a lot of PP. Once you enter a nearby place, all the items will respawn. Repeat this as many times as desired. Note: This trick is still very effective at levels 45 and higher.

  • Easy money

    Collect all three gambling magazines. Then, go to Slot Ranch Casino, and play the large heart-shaped single pink slot machine on the first floor near the access point to the Food Court. Keep betting the max of $1,000 to win a lot of money quickly. It is possible to win approximately $1,000,000 every ten minutes. Note: Sometimes you may not win anything for three minutes, but then you may win three times in a row. Just keep playing until you win the desired amount of money.

  • Use the Hacker (Flashlight + Computer Case) on ATMs to get $10,000 from each ATM.

    When you see a pile of money ($100) in front of a slot machine, you are able to win on that slot machine up to five times, and then you will hardly win on that machine again until you leave the area and come back again so everything has respawned.

  • Easy items

    Leave an area (so that the loading screen appears) that has the items you want to get more of, then enter the area again, and all objects will have respawned.

  • Faster start in New Game+ mode

    Successfully complete the game, and start a New Game+ session. Skip the opening cutscene to also advance past the "Terror Is Reality" section until your arrival at the emergency bunker.

  • Weapon combos and Combo Card locations

    Successfully complete the indicated task to get the corresponding Combo Card. Combine the indicated items to create the corresponding weapon:

    Combo Cards unlocked by saving survivors

      I.E.D. (Propane Tank + Box of Nails): Save LaShawndra Dawkins.
      Plate Launcher (Plates + Cement Saw): Found during "Tape It or Die".
      Blazing Aces (Tennis Racket + Tiki Torch): Save all four "Tape It or Die" members.
      Exsanguinator (Vacuum Cleaner + Saw Blade): Save all four "Tape It or Die" members.
      Power Guitar (Electric Guitar + Amplifier): Save the members of Angel Lust.

    Combo Cards unlocked by defeating psychopaths

      Flamethrower (Gasoline Canister + Water Gun): Defeat Brent Ernst.
      Rocket Launcher (Rocket Fireworks + Lead Pipe): Defeat Roger and Reed.

    Combo Cards unlocked by leveling up

      Molotov (Whiskey + Newspaper)
      Pole Weapon (Push Broom + Machete)
      Air Horn (Pylon + Spray Paint)
      Gem Blower (Leaf Blower + Gems)
      Fountain Lizard (Lizard Mask + Fountain Fireworks)
      Hacker (Flashlight + Computer Case)
      Heliblade (Toy Helicopter + Machete)
      Flaming Gloves (Boxing Gloves + Motor Oil)
      Electric Chair (Wheelchair + Battery)
      Ripper (Cement Saw + Saw Blade)
      Fire Spitter (Toy Spitball Gun + Tiki Torch)
      Sticky Bomb (Lawn Dart + Dynamite)
      Driller (Power Drill + Spear)
      Defiler (Sledgehammer + Fire Axe)
      Knife Gloves (Bowie Knife + Boxing Gloves)
      Dynameat (Hunk of Meat + Dynamite)
      Electric Rake (Battery + Leaf Rake)
      Parablower (Leaf Blower + Parasol)
      Hail Mary (Football + Grenade)
      Roaring Thunder (Battery + Goblin Mask)
      Blitzkrieg (Electric Chair + Assault Rifle or LMG)
      Super Slicer (Servbot Mask + Lawnmower)
      Beer Hat (Beer + Construction Hat)
      Handychipper (Wheelchair + Lawnmower)
      Boomstick (Shotgun + Pitchfork)
      Auger (Pitchfork + Drill Motor)
      Infernal Arms (Training Sword + Motor Oil)
      Porta-Mower (2x4 + Lawnmower)
      Freezer Bomb (Fire Extinguisher + Dynamite)
      Zombie Thrower (Spear + Leaf Blower)
      Tesla Ball (Bingo Ball Cage + Battery)
      Super B.F.G. (B.F.G. + Amplifier)

    Combo Cards found by location

      Blambow (Bow and Arrow + Dynamite): Examine the "Revenginator 7" movie poster on the south side of Cucina Donnacci in the Food Court.
      Burning Skull (Bull Skull + Motor Oil): Pay a total of $1,200,000 to the fortune teller outside of One Little Duck Bingo on the Silver Strip.
      Freedom Bear (Robot Bear + LMG): Examine the Clint Rockfoot "Stop Or My Bear Will Shoot!" movie poster outside the men's bathroom in the Yucatan Casino.
      Holy Arms (Training Sword + Box of Nails): Examine the "Pit Viking" movie poster in the Atlantica Casino near the Fortune Park entrance.
      Laser Sword (Gems + Flashlight): Examine the "Laser Knight" movie poster at the back of the Paradise Platinum Screens theater on the Platinum Sh Casino.
      Snowball Cannon (Fire Extinguisher + Water Gun): Examine the "Dr. Brainfreeze" movie poster on the second floor of the Palisades Mall (between Ned's Knicknackery and Brand New U).
      Spiked Bat (Baseball Bat + Box of Nails): Unlocked when visiting the first maintenance room.
      Tenderizers (MMA Gloves + Box of Nails): Examine the "Blood Round 4" movie poster in Royal Flush Plaza.

    Secret Combo Card

      Wingman (Queen + Nectar): Combine Queen and Nectar to unlock this secret Combo Card.

    Additionally, you can create vehicle-weapon combos after you unlock the motorcycle trailer by completing the "Here Come The Contestants" mission:

      Machine Gun Motorcycle (Motorcycle + LMG)
      Rabbit Motorcycle (Motorcycle + Giant Stuffed Rabbit): The Giant Stuffed Rabbit is found on top of Moe's Maginations (S105) on the Platinum Strip. You get 10 PP for every zombie killed.
      Slicecycle (Motorcycle + Chainsaw)


  • Juice combinations

    Mix the indicated ingredients to create a juice with the corresponding effect. Note: All drinks also give you full health. There are nine different types of drinks you can create. It is possible to find the necessary ingredients in the Food Court to make all nine drinks and get the "Look At All That Juice!" trophy.

      Energizer (Chuck cannot be injured for ten seconds.): Chili + Chili
      Energizer: Taco + Hamburger
      Nectar (Attracts any nearby Queens to Chuck for six minutes, and spawns one Queen nearby.): Orange Juice + Orange Juice
      Nectar: Jelly Beans + Beer
      Nectar: Onion Rings + Orange Juice
      Pain Killer (Chuck takes only half physical damage for one minute.): Beer + Beer
      Pain Killer: Vodka + Vodka
      Quick Step (Increases Chuck's movement speed drastically for one minute.): Milk + Jelly Beans
      Quick Step: Wine + Beer
      Quick Step: Bacon + Pie
      Randomizer (Gives Chuck stomach pains that makes him puke. He throws up three times over three minutes.): Beer + Cooking Oil
      Randomizer: Wine + Vodka
      Repulse (Zombies cannot and will not try to attack you for one minute. It overrides Zombait while in effect.): Bacon + Chili
      Repulse: Chili + Large Soda
      Repulse: Chili + Ketchup
      Repulse: Chili + Onion Rings
      Repulse: Chili + Pie
      Spitfire (Changes Chuck's harmless ability to spit at zombies into a short range flame burst for one minute.): Bacon + Onion Rings
      Spitfire: Ketchup + Ketchup
      Spitfire: Bacon + Orange Juice
      Spitfire: Chili + Orange Juice
      Untouchable (Chuck cannot be grabbed by Zombies but can still suffer damage from their attacks for one minute.): Bacon + Bacon
      Untouchable: Pizza + Large Soda
      Untouchable: Bacon + Milk
      Untouchable: Chili + Milk
      Untouchable: Onion Rings + Milk
      Untouchable: Onion Rings + Pie
      Untouchable: Pie + Orange Juice
      Untouchable: Orange Juice + Milk
      Zombait (Zombies are more attracted to Chuck for one minute, which can aid in distracting zombies from survivors.): Jelly Beans + Chili
      Zombait: Apple + Taco
      Zombait: Pie + Milk


  • Blender locations

    Search the indicated locations to find blenders to mix drinks:

      Baron Von Brathaus (Yucatan Casino)
      Juggz Bar (Platinum Strip)
      Palisades Mall (grotto bar on first floor)
      Pub O' Gold (Silver Strip)
      Rojo Diablo Mexican Restaurant (Food Court)
      Shots & Awe (Americana Casino)
      Sipparellos (Atlantica Casino)
      Slot Ranch Casino (at the bar)


  • Magazine locations

    Search the indicated location to find the corresponding magazine:

      Amusement (toy items last three times longer): Ultimate Playhouse (first floor in Palisades Mall - P103)
      Bargaining (lowers pawn shop items cost by 10%): Next to the Zombrex in Bennie Jack's BBQ Shack in the Americana Casino
      Bikes (bikes last three times longer): Side room off northern most room in Slot Ranch Casino
      Building (construction items last three times longer): In South Plaza on scaffolding in the large east west hallway between the two southernmost maintenance rooms
      Blades (edged weapons last three times longer): Underground, north of the only save point underground
      Combat 1 (10% PP boost earned from weapon kills): Stan's Large Print Books and Magazines (second floor in Palisades Mall - P206)
      Combat 2 (10% PP boost earned from weapon kills): Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow (first floor in Royal Flush Plaza - R114)
      Combat 3 (10% PP boost earned from weapon kills): Underground, near the westernmost underground access point
      Domestic (funiture items last three times longer): Maintenance room in Fortune Park
      Drinking (never get sick from drinking alcohol): In the Atlantica Casino on an overhead platform north of Sipparellos
      Driving (4 wheel vehicle durability last three times longer): Top middle area on the first floor in Bennie Jack's BBQ Shack in the Americana Casino
      Gambling 1 (significantly increase your chances of winning money): Ragazines (second floor in Royal Flush Plaza - R212)
      Gambling 2 (significantly increase your chances of winning money): Stan's Large Print Books and Magazines (second floor in Palisades Mall - P206)
      Gambling 3 (significantly increase your chances of winning money): Shamrock Casino (Silver Strip - H106)
      Games (entertainment items last three times longer): Near seats in the northern semicircle in the Atlantica Casino
      Health 1 (+50% health restored from eating food items): Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow (first floor in Royal Flush Plaza - R114)
      Health 2 (+100% health restored from eating food items): Baron Von Brathaus (Yucatan Casino - Y101)
      Hand to Hand (bare-handed attacks a significant boost in power): Ragazines (R212) on the second floor in Royal Flush Plaza
      Horror (25% PP boost for killing zombies): Ragazines (R212) on the second floor in Royal Flush Plaza
      Horror 2 (25% PP boost for killing zombies): Stan's Large Print Books and Magazines (second floor in Palisades Mall - P206)
      Juice Boost (consumed juices lasts twice as long): On the Silver Strip, just east of Luali Wauwii.
      Leadership (survivors more effective): One Little Duck Bingo on the Silver Strip
      Playboy (10% PP boost from activities involving female survivors): In the center of Palisades Mall on the first floor near what looks like a pond on the map
      Psychos (25% PP boost from defeating psychos): Roof of Paradise Platinum Screens theater on the Platinum Strip
      Rescue (25% PP boost from survivor activities): First floor of Fortune City Arena in the room near the western most maintenance room
      Skateboarding (skateboard lasts three times longer and gain a trick): First floor of the Fortune City Hotel
      Sports (sports items last three times longer): Stan's Large Print Books and Magazines (second floor in Palisades Mall - P206)


  • Gift locations

    Search the indicated locations to find all 11 gifts for Katey and get the "Father Of The Year" trophy:

      Robot bear
      Bag of marbles
      Beach ball
      Stick pony
      Giant stuffed donkey
      Giant stuffed elephant
      Giant stuffed bull
      Water gun
      Giant stuffed rabbit
      Tiger (give it steak or ribs to tame it)
      Funny painting (obtained on the Case 4 mission "Art Appreciation")
  • Free Zombrex locations

    Search the listed location or complete the indicated task to get free Zombrex:

      1. In Big Roy's Mart in Royal Flush Plaza (case related).

      2. Go to the stairs in Bennie Jack's BBQ Shack in the Americana Casino and turn right when going up the stairs to the second floor. Jump on the balcony and then onto the closest light. Keep jumping across the lights until you reach the end.

      3. Backstage behind the curtain at Slot Ranch Casino. Climb up a stack of boxes and speakers. Jump onto a smaller stack of boxes and speakers to find it.

      4. Directly under the Atlantica Casino (Underground Access). The underground path overlaps the upper edge of the casino. The Zombrex is near an access ladder on a raised walkway.

      5. Save the paramedic in the "Code Blue" mission. Bring the paramedic to Dean ("Once Bitten" mission), and the paramedic will give Dean a free Zombrex.

      6. On top of the tallest slot machine display in the middle of Yucatan Casino.

      7. Defeat the Postal Worker (mission related) in Royal Flush Plaza.

      8. Bring Richard (Hunger Pains) food and rescue him in the Silver Strip Diner.

    Zombrex poster locations

    Search the indicated locations to find all 33 Zombrex posters. Spray paint all Zombrex posters to get the "Improper Behavior" trophy. You can find green spray paint in front of the maintenance room in the Food Court or in the entrance hall of the Fortune City arena. The green spray paints are the easiest to find, and you can collect them quickly by using the "Easy items" trick. Use this trick to get a enough spray paint for all 33 Zombrex posters so you do not need to go back and look for new spray paint. You will need approximately six spray paints. The color of the spray paint does not matter. Note: There is one bonus poster that can only be found during Case 3-2 (in the Americana casino in the room with the mercenaries).


  • Transporting survivors

    Instead of carrying survivors in your arms or on your back, push a wheelchair up to them, and wait for them sit down. You can then run them back to the safehouse easily. Do not hit too many zombies or walls with the wheelchair or you will dump the survivor and the wheelchair will break.

  • Defeating Leon

    Stand near any ledge you can jump on. When you hear Leon coming, try to get him to hit the ledge and get stuck. Then, jump on the ledge, and simply keep hitting him with a melee weapon until he has been defeated.

    Try to lure Leon into a maintenance room. Then, close the doors, and keep hitting him with a melee weapon until he has been defeated.

    Get the motorbike from the front of the arena. Drive it to the fireworks store on the Silver Strip. Get rockets, and ride the bike to the alley with the maintenance room. Get a lead pipe, then ride the bike to the rock canyon. Enter the maintenance room in the rocks, and create a rocket launcher. Exit the maintenance room, and stand in the left-side corner. Then, save the game. When Leon appears from the left side, he will run into the wall. Keep shooting him with the rocket launcher until he has been defeated.

  • Defeating Sergeant Psycho

    When you go down the tunnels, go directly to the second maintenance room on the left side, following the arrow towards the mission. There is a Servbot mask and lawnmower outside. Combine them to make the Super Slicer, and bring it to the fight. Whenever he stops to reload, charge at him with the Super Slicer on. If done correctly, you can defeat him in approximately five hits.

    Use the following trick to easily kill Sgt. Dwight during Case 6-2. When you enter Fortune Park, buy the SUV key from the pawnshop on the Silver Strip for $2 million. Then, go to the entrance of the Shamrock Casino (Silver Strip - H106), and get the SUV. Drive to the entrance of the underground area. Squeeze the SUV into the underground area. When you get to the entrance for the loading bay, notice that it is blocked off by a line of large boxes. It is possible to drive over these boxes and squeeze the SUV under the security gate, which will trigger the cutscene for the battle with Sgt. Dwight. After the cutscene, you will be on foot again. However, if you look at where you entered, you will see the SUV is stuck halfway in the room. Get in the SUV, and squeeze it in the rest of the way. You can now use it to kill Sgt. Dwight.

  • Defeating psychopaths

    You can defeat most psychopaths by attacking them with the Knife Gloves (Bowie Knife + Boxing Gloves) while under the effect of the Pain Killer drink (Beer + Beer or Vodka + Vodka).

  • Clothing list

    The following is a list of the clothes available in the game:


      American Showman Helmet
      Baseball Cap (Sport)
      Baseball Cap (TIR)
      Beard (found at the "Wave Of Style" hairdresser's shop in Royal Flush Plaza)
      Black Rimmed Glasses
      Cowboy Hat (Black)
      Cowboy Hat (White)
      Dark Aviator Glasses
      Dealer Visor
      Flower Head Piece
      Football Helmet
      Full Beard with Moustache
      Goblin Mask
      Hair Blue
      Hair Grey
      Hair Pink
      Hygine Mask
      Kids Super Hero Mask
      Knight's Helmet
      Knit Hat
      Ladies Hat
      Lizard Mask
      Novelty Glasses
      Rocker's Glasses
      Russian Hat
      Servbot Mask
      Show Girl Head Piece
      Sports Glasses
      Swat Helmet
      Tennis Head Band
      Tourist Boat Hat
      Wild Frontier Hat
      Yellow Tinted Glasses
      Zombie Mask


      American Showman
      Army Jacket Pants
      Banana Hammock
      Baseball Uniform
      Basketball Uniform
      Boardwalk Apparel
      Blue Grey Work Overalls
      Blue Oyster Biker Outfit
      Business Casual
      Casual Beachware
      Collegiate Ensemble
      Cowboy (Black)
      Cowboy (White)
      Dealer Outfit
      Fishnet Shirt White Pants
      Football Uniform
      Fortune City Shirt (Grey)
      Fortune City Shirt (Red)
      Hip Hop Outfit
      Hawaiian Holiday Gear
      Hula Dress
      Kids Superhero Costume
      Knight's Armor
      Knotted Top Cutoffs
      Loud Summer Special
      Mid Length T-shirt Jeans ("Tape It or Die" basement)
      One Piece Pajama
      Plaid Suit
      Polo Shirt Jeans
      Skater Outfit
      Sporty Tracksuit
      Summer Dress
      Surf Wetsuit
      Swat Outfit
      Tan Jacket
      Tennis Outfit
      TIR Shirt (Blue)
      Toddler Outfit
      Tube Top Mini Skirt
      White Leisure Suit
      Yellow Track Suit


      Bare Feet
      Basketball High Tops
      Black Canvas
      Black Dress Shoes
      Black Military Boots
      Bunny Slippers
      Cowboy Boots (Black)
      Cowboy Boots (White)
      Flip Flops
      Go Go Boots
      Knight's Boots
      Sandals White Socks
      Superhero Boots
      White Low Heels
      White Tennis Shoes/Socks
      Yellow Sneakers

    Change into all these clothes and shoes to get the "Chuck Greene: Crosso Dresser?" trophy.

  • Food list

    The following is a list of the food available in the game:


      BBQ Chicken
      BBQ Ribs
      Baked Potato
      Ice Cream
      Jelly Beans
      Onion Ring


      Coffee Creamer
      Large Soda
      Orange Juice
      Drink Cocktail

    Consume all these foods to get the "Finally Full" trophy.

  • Weapons list

    The following is a list of the weapons available in the game:


      Assault Rifle
      Mercenary Rifle
      Six Shooter
      Sniper Rifle

    Use all of these firearms on a zombie to get the "He Hasn't Covered Wars..." trophy.


      Acetylene Tank
      Gasoline canister
      Propane Tank
      Rocket Firework

    Use all of these explosives on a zombie to get the "Explosive Temper" trophy.


      Battle Axe
      Bowie Knife
      Chef's Knife
      Giant Pink Chainsaw (found by killing Randy in the "Here Comes The Groom" mission)
      Katana (found by killing the Twins in Case 4-1)
      Magicians Sword (found by killing the Magician in the "World's Deadliest Trick" mission)
      Meat Cleaver

    Use all of these melee weapons on a zombie to get the "Head Trauma" trophy.


      Bag of Marbles
      Casino Chips
      Cardboard Cutout
      Fancy Painting
      Funny Painting (throw it at a zombie to avoid breakage if it is a gift for Katey)
      Giant Dice
      Robot Bear
      Giant Stuffed Bull
      Giant Stuffed Donkey
      Giant Stuffed Elephant
      Giant Stuffed Rabbit
      Goblin Mask
      Hunk of Meat
      Liberty Torch
      Lizard Mask
      Novelty Beer Mug
      Novelty Bottle
      Novelty Cell Phone
      Novelty Perfume
      Novelty Poker Chip
      Playing Cards
      Small Painting
      Spitball Gun
      Servbot Mask
      Pony on Stick
      Tiki Mask
      Toy Helicopter
      Treasure Chest
      Water Gun
      Wacky Hammer
      Whipped Cream
      Zombie Mask

    Use all of these novelty weapons on a zombie to get the "Slaughter - S = Laughter!" trophy.


      Bow and Arrow
      Golf Club
      Lawn Dart
      Metal Baseball Bat
      Music Discs
      Tennis Racquet
      Vinyl Records

    Use all of these ranged weapons on a zombie to get the "Death From Afar" trophy.

  • Easy "Look At All That Juice!" trophy
  • Easy "Masquerade" trophy

    Go to Ye Olde Toybox (R107) on the first floor in Royal Flush Plaza. There is an unlimited pile of Lizard Masks. Keep picking up and putting the masks on nearby zombies until you get the "Masquerade" trophy.

  • Easy "Stick 'Em Up" trophy

    Go to Baron Von Brathaus (Y101) in Yucatan Casino. Grab the Mona Lisa painting by the front register and the other painting next to it. Grab the Servbot Mask on the table. Find a nearby zombie, and slam the Mona Lisa painting on it. Slam the other painting on it. Slam the Servbot Mask on it. Then, grab a Large Barrel outside Baron Von Brathaus, and slam it on the zombie with a hard attack to get the "Stick 'Em Up" trophy.

  • Easy "Tape It Or DIE!" trophy

    Combine Queen and Nectar to create the Wingman secret Combo Card and get the "Tape It Or DIE!" trophy. To easily get a Queen, create and drink the Nectar juice (Orange Juice + Orange Juice) to spawn a Queen nearby. Then, simply capture the Queen. Note: The zombies that put their arms in the air (usually in a crowd) sometimes have a Queen. To find such zombies, you need to progress in the story a bit, and they will spawn after you give Katey Zombrex for the second time. To get Nectar, you can combine Beer and Jelly Beans. You can create Nectar with other food and drinks as well, but this combination seems to be the easiest and fastest.

  • Easy "The Skill To Survive" trophy

    Before the psychopath battle with Ted at the Yucatan Casino, collect four steaks. Then, defeat Ted without hitting Snowflake in the process. Once Ted has been killed, continue running from Snowflake, but periodically drop the steaks as you go. Lead Snowflake in circles until she has eaten all the steaks, making sure not to attack her. Shortly after Snowflake is full, a cutscene will play, and you will get "The Skill To Survive" trophy.

  • Easy "Zombie Slaughter", "Zombie Destruction", "Z-Genocider 2: Genocide Harder", and "Zombie Genocide Master" trophies

    Buy the SUV key from the pawnshop on the Silver Strip for $2 million. Then, restart the story (you will still keep the SUV key). Immediately get the driving magazine in Bennie Jack's BBQ Shack in the Americana Casino. Go to the entrance of the Shamrock Casino (Silver Strip - H106), and get the SUV. Drive it around the Silver Strip and Platinum Strip killing as many zombies as possible. Once the SUV is almost destroyed, enter and exit the Yucatan Casino quickly. Go back to the Shamrock Casino to get a new SUV. Repeat this process until you get the "Zombie Genocide Master" trophy. It is possible to kill over 90,000 zombies from Day 1 through Day 4 by doing nothing but this. It is a very slow process that requires a lot of time and patients. Note: You only get the "Zombie Genocide Master" trophy for killing 72,000 zombies, unlike in the original Dead Rising where you got the Mega Buster for killing 53,596 zombies. Additionally, zombie kills are the only thing that does not carry over from a previous game. You must get the required number of zombie kills in one game.


    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Zombie Slaughter (Bronze): Kill 500 zombies.
      Zombie Destruction (Bronze): Kill 5,000 zombies.
      Vigilante Justice (Bronze): Defeat 5 psychopaths.
      Judge, Jury and Executioner (Bronze): Defeat 10 psychopaths.
      Zombie Fu (Bronze): Kill 1,000 zombies barehanded.
      Wrong Kind of Chopper (Bronze): Kill 1,000 zombies while riding a motorcycle.
      He hasn't covered wars... (Bronze): Use every type of firearm on a zombie.
      Head Trauma (Bronze): Use every type of melee weapon on a zombie.
      Death From Afar (Bronze): Use every type of ranged weapon on a zombie.
      Explosive Temper (Bronze): Use every type of explosive on a zombie.
      Death of Comedy (Bronze): Use every type of novelty weapon on a zombie.
      Come On Follow Mw (Bronze): Escort 8 survivors at once.
      Saving the Day (Bronze): Save 10 survivors.
      Hero of Fortune City (Bronze): Save 50 survivors.
      Needs More Chainsaw (Bronze): Create a combo weapon.
      Duct Tape FTW (Bronze): Create all combo weapons.
      Apprentice Rising (Bronze): Reach level 25.
      Professional Rising (Bronze): Reach level 50.
      Fashion Aficionado (Bronze): Change into 10 different pieces of clothing.
      Chuck Greene: Cross Dresser? (Bronze): Change into all pieces of clothing in the game.
      Bartender (Bronze): Mix a drink.
      Look at All That Juice (Bronze): Create and consume all mixed drinks in the game.
      Finally Full (Bronze): Eat all types of food in the game.
      Having A Gas (Bronze): Kill 1,000 gas zombies.
      Father of the Month (Bronze): Give Katey a gift.
      Father of the Year (Bronze): Give Katey all possible gifts.
      Better With A Friend (Bronze): Solve all case files in Co-op mode.
      Don't You Die On Me (Bronze): Revive another player in Co-op mode.
      Big Spender (Bronze): Spend $6,000,000 in Fortune City.
      Window Shopper (Bronze): Enter all stores in the game.
      Masquerade (Bronze): Have 10 zombies with masks on at once.
      Improper Behavior (Bronze): Spraypaint all Zombrex posters.
      TK's Favorite (Bronze): Play and win in all 9 TIR events.
      Rising Star (Bronze): Come in first place in a single TIR event.
      Win Big! (Bronze): Finish in first place in a TIR episode.
      Custom Finish (Bronze): Give your bike a custom paint job.
      Curiously Inventive (Bronze): Collect all combo cards hidden in Fortune City.
      Life Saver (Bronze): Collect all combo cards from survivors.
      Tough Guy (Bronze): Collect all combo cards from psychopaths.
      Half Deck (Bronze): Collect 25 combo cards.
      Smashy (Bronze): Smash 100 zombies using the Smash skill move.
      Stick 'em up! (Bronze): Stick it to a zombie by covering him in weapons and objects.
      Skill to Survive (Bronze): Tame Snowflake.
      Z-Genocider 2: Genocide Harder (Silver): Kill 53,596 zombies.
      Clean Record (Silver): Complete The Facts.
      Justice Served (Silver): Complete Overtime.
      Zombie Genocide Master (Gold): Kill 72,000 zombies.
      Full Deck (Gold): Collect all combo cards.
      Data Miner (Gold): Fill all entries in the notebook.
      DR2 Trophy Master (Platinum): You have acquired all the trophies in Dead Rising 2.

    Additionally, there is one secret trophy:

      Tape It Or DIE! (Bronze): Discovered the secret combo card. Did you cheat by checking online?

    I hope you enjoyed cruising our PS3 game cheat site, and will come back often as some great Sony Playstation 3 games are coming out as fast as lightening.

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