Madden NFL 07 for PS3

Madden NFL 07 for PS3

PS3 Cheat codes

Madden NFL 07 for PS3

Madden NFL 07 for PS3

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Madden NFL 07 for PS3

Gold Card Codes
Card #220 - Super Bowl XLI: RLA9R7
Card #221 - Super Bowl XLII: WRLUF8
Card #222 - Super Bowl XLIII: NIEV4A
Card #223 - Super Bowl XLIV: M5AB7L
Card #224 - Aloha Stadium: YI8P8U
Card #225 - '58 Colts: B57QLU
Card #226 - '66 Packers: 1PL1FL
Card #227 - '68 Jets: MIE6WO
Card #228 - '70 Browns: CL2TOE
Card #229 - '72 Dolphins: NOEB7U
Card #230 - '74 Steelers: YO0FLA
Card #231 - '76 Raiders: MOA11I
Card #232 - '77 Broncos: C8UM7U
Card #233 - '78 Dolphins: VIU0O7
Card #234 - '80 Raiders: NLAPH3
Card #235 - '81 Chargers: COAGI4
Card #236 - '82 Redskins: WL8BRI
Card #237 - '83 Raiders: H0EW7I
Card #238 - '84 Dolphins: M1AM1E
Card #239 - '85 Bears: QOETO8
Card #240 - '86 Giants: ZI8S2L
Card #241 - '88 49ers: SP2A8H
Card #242 - '90 Eagles: 2L4TRO
Card #243 - '91 Lions: J1ETRI
Card #244 - '92 Cowboys: W9UVI9
Card #245 - '93 Bills: DLA3I7
Card #246 - '94 49ers: DR7EST
Card #247 - '96 Packers: F8LUST
Card #248 - '98 Broncos: FIES95
Card #249 - '99 Rams: S9OUSW

When entering the codes, remember to use all CAPS.
Submitted by DaRealest069
Hint: Better CBs and OLBs
Have you ever been frustrated at your corner backs dropping easy picks? or your outside line backers being a bit too slow to make the tackle? I know I was.

To make my team better, I went to Rosters and I edited the position some Wide Receivers to make them Corner Backs, and Safties, and I edited the position of some Safties to make them Outside Linebackers. By using this, your Corner Backs/Safties get many more interceptions, and your Outside Linebackers get more sacks, and tackles.

Recommended Players for Position Editing:

Wide Receiver to Corner Back:
Steve Smith, Carolina Panthers
Randy Moss, Oakland Raiders
Plaxico Burress, New York Giants

Wide Receiver to Free Saftey:
Hines Ward(Overall 99 FS), Pittsburg Steelers

Wide Receiver to Strong Saftey:
Chad Johnson, Cincinnati Bengals

Strong Saftey to Outside Linebacker
Ed Reed, Baltimore Ravens
Roy Williams, Dallas Cowboys

(This is what my Franchise Team looks like.)
Submitted by Brendan
Hint: Keep Influence Points In SS Mode
When you finish a game in Superstar mode do not save or turn off the PlayStation2. Do all the practices and gameplans and start the next game. Do the coin toss and choose to receive or kick or direction depending on coin toss. When you get to the screen with the play the coach picked for the kickoff, pause game play. Save the game and then turn off the PlayStation2. When you turn the game on and load Superstar mode, you should have all of your influence points and role points from the previous game. For example, if you finished game 1 with 100 influence points, you will have 100 influence points at the start of game 2 to build on.
Submitted by Incline_Webmaster
Hint: Spoil The Kick
This is something I accidentally discovered and it doesn't look like it can be patched (not on the PS2 at least). By holding L2 and using the direction pad, you can control the direction you want the ball to bounce.

Say you don't want the ball to bounce into the endzone for a touchback, you'd hold L2 and press UP on the directional pad. The ball will bounce and leave it in a bad field position for the receiving team.
Submitted by Travis Mayes

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