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Metal Gear Online PS3 Cheat Code

Metal Gear Online PS3 Cheat Code

  • Ranks

    Successfully complete the indicated task to get the corresponding ranking to appear next to your name online:

      Bear: Perform a lot of CQC attacks.
      Bee: Perform a lot of scans.
      Chameleon: Prefer Team Sneaking rules.
      Chimera: Have a lot of sniper kills.
      Crocodile: Have a very good kill/death ratio.
      Doberman: A Top-Class Soldier.
      Dove: Perform a lot of non-lethal attacks.
      Eagle: Have a large percentage of headshots.
      Fox: The Best Of The Best.
      Foxhound: A Living Legend.
      Flying Squirrel: Have a high percentage of rolling.
      GA-KO: Prefer Rescue rules.
      Grasshopper: Crawl the majority of the time.
      Hound: A Superior Soldier.
      Jaws: Perform a lot of knife kills.
      Kerotan: Perform a lot of captures.
      Night Owl: Use the ENVG a lot.
      Pigeon: Perform a lot of non-lethal attacks.
      Rat: Fall for a lot of traps.
      Sloth: Get shot in the head a lot.
      Snake: Play a lot of sneaking missions.
      Tarantula: Have a lot of team kills.
      Tsuchinoko: Rarely play.
      Turtle: Use the cardboard box a lot.
      Water Bear: Have a high survival rate.


  • Bonus songs

    Progress through Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots to unlock new songs in Metal Gear Online. All songs will become unlocked with a cleared saved game file from Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots. Note: Continuing a new game session on a cleared saved game file will cause all Metal Gear Online tracks to become locked again until you pass the point where they are normally unlocked.

  • Aiming

    Do not overuse the aim, meaning do not walk around aiming your gun everywhere. The problem becomes blatant when you walk into an open space and need to examine your surroundings quickly, so as not to get shot. Your aim speed is very slow. Instead, use the camera to look around quickly. Also, the direction in which you point your camera is where your character will aim his weapon when you press [Aim]. This is much faster than manually aiming. Finally, do not spray and pray.

  • Better sniping

    Never stay scoped for too long. If you do, you will not be able to see your surroundings; if an enemy sneaks up on you, they will probably kill you in the most humiliating way he or she can think of.

    Always keep claymores and magazines to alert you of the presence of an enemy that is trying to sneak up behind you. With magazines it is slightly more difficult, but it should be the primary choice only because while the enemy is occupied looking at the magazine, you can easily get a headshot. Claymores will just knock them back, then they will get up and kill you.

    When you kill an enemy from one vantage point, switch to another. Most of the time when you kill an enemy they will know where you shot them from, then they will sneak up behind you and kill you with ease. For example, at G.G., if you kill someone from the tower, get off the tower, and run to the roof. By doing this, they will not know where you are.

    Never use the catapult. Almost every time you use the catapult, the enemy will know where you are going. They will then sneak up behind you and kill you.

    Use tranquilizers instead of handguns. The Mozin-Nagant is not recommended. Use the Mk. II tranquillizer instead. If an enemy gets close to you, shoot them in the head with the Mk. II, then zoom in with your scope, and get a headshot (for about 400% more experience points).

    For easy headshots, shoot slightly ahead of the enemy. By doing this, the enemy will just run into the bullet. Make sure not to miss or you will alert the enemy to your presence.

  • Singing character

    While playing the game, type <SONG> (case-sensitive) in the chat window to have your character sing a part of the Metal Gear Online melody.

  • Voice chat

    When using a USB or Bluetooth headset for voice chat and want to talk, hold Select to enable voice chat. You will see your name and the corresponding color of the team you are on at the left side of the screen. Hold Select again to disable voice chat.

  • Character selection screensaver

    At the character selections screen, remain idle. Your character will hide in a box or start reading a magazine.

  • Remove frosty breath

    When playing in stages where your breath frosts, have Snake play dead while prone, and his frosty breath will no longer be seen by others.

  • Dizzy character

    At the selection screen, keep spinning your character in circles. When you stop, he will get dizzy and fall over.



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