NBA Jam PS3 Cheats

NBA Jam PS3 Cheats

NBA Jam PS3 Cheat codes


NBA Jam PS3 Cheats

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NBA Jam PS3 Cheats

NBA Jam PS3 Cheats

Easy PES points:
Play a full season in your Master League to get approximately 300 PES points. Play "Become A Legend" also to earn PES points.

Real team names(Premier League):

The in-game team names to real names in the Premier League are in the following order:

Arsenal FC
Aston Villa FC
Birmingham City FC
Blackburn Rovers FC
Blackpool FC
Bolton Wanderers FC
Chelsea FC
Everton FC
Fulham FC
Liverpool FC
Manchester City FC
Manchester United FC
Newcastle United FC
Stoke City FC
Sunderland aFC
Tottenham Hotspur FC
West Bromwich Albion FC
West Ham United FC
Wigan Athletic FC
Wolverhampton Wanderers

Note: Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur are licensed.

Real team names(Spanish League):
The in-game team names to real names in the Spanish League are as follows:

Hecioguel to Hercules CF
Zelvantez to Levante UD
Mlg Blanco/Azul to Malaga CF
Pamp Rojo to CA Osasuna
Sev.Blanco to Sevilla FC
SSFB.Azul/Blanco to Real Sociedad

Bronze trophies
First Glory - Awarded for your first win.
Perfect 10 - Awarded for winning 10 consecutive matches.
Come Back Win - Awarded for your first Come Back Win.
Last Gasp Winner - Awarded for scoring the Winner in Stoppage Time.
World Traveller - A Title awarded for playing at all featured Stadiums. (Excludes ones created in Edit Mode.)
The Gentleman - Awarded for committing less than 1 Foul per match on average in your last 10 Matches.
League Winner - Awarded for winning one of the top leagues in [Master League].
European Elite 16 - Awarded for making the Knockout phase of the UEFA Champions League in [Master League] .
The Debutant - Awarded for your First Professional Appearance in Become a Legend.
International Cup Debut - Awarded for your First Appearance in the Become a Legend International Cup.

Silver trophies
Possession Play - Awarded for having a Possession Rate of 60% or higher in your last 10 Matches.
Hat-trick Hero - Awarded for scoring 5 hat-tricks.
Predatory Striker - Awarded for playing over 20 Matches, averaging 2 goals plus goals per Match in your last 5.
Dead-ball Expert - Awarded for 5 Direct Free-Kicks.
Kings of Europe - Awarded for winning the Master League UEFA Champions League.
No. 1 Club - Awarded for topping the Team Ranking in Master League.
World Footballer of the Year - Awarded if a member of your team wins World Footballer of the Year in Master League.
10 years of Service - An award to honour 10 years of service in Master League.
International Cup MVP - Awarded for being named International Cup Player of the Tournament in Become a Legend.
The Journeyman - A title awarded for playing at 10 different clubs across 6 countries in Become a Legend.
Mr. Consistency (Online) - Awarded for winning 75% of your last 20 Ranking Matches Online.
Made the Knockout phase - Awarded for making the Knockout phase of the UEFA Champions League.

Gold trophies

Long Ranger - Awarded for scoring from 35m out or more.
The Invincibles - Awarded for an undefeated season in Master League winning League, Cup and UEFA Champions League.
The Super Hero - A title awarded for being named World Footballer of the Year in BECOME A LEGEND.
European Champions - Awarded when you win the UEFA Champions League.
Kings of Latin America - A title awarded for winning the Copa Santander Libertadores.

Platinum trophy

Ultimate Player - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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