NCAA Football 08 PS3 Cheat Code

NCAA Football 08 PS3 Cheat Code

PS3 Cheat codes

NCAA Football 08 PS3 Cheat Code


NCAA Football 08 PS3 Cheat Code

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NCAA Football 08 PS3 Cheat Code

  • Statue Of Liberty play

    The only way you can use the Statue Of Liberty play is by using Boise State's offensive playbook. It is found in I Form-Normal and is labeled as "Statue".

  • Jumping the field

    When you are about five yards from the opponent's end zone, select a HB Dive as a play. As soon as the HB gets the ball, tap Square. You should now dive over the defenders and get a TD.

  • Max stats in Campus Legend mode

    Create a character with maximum stats. Then, start a new Campus Legend mode. Instead of starting from scratch in high school, load your created character.

  • Boosting GPA in Campus Legend mode

    A good way to boost your GPA is by doing extra studying. Some events like this are finishing a project in the library (+.4 GPA), fixing your computer for homework (+.2 GPA), or just studing when you have free time (+.1 GPA).

  • Exporting senior to Madden 08 in Campus Legend mode

    When you begin your senior season and already have legend status, you will get the option of staying for your senior year or exporting your legend to Madden 08. If you stay, you will still be able to export your legend after your senior year.

  • Easier prospect drafting in Dynasty mode

    When you first start the season, create a prospect and make sure to make his home state where your team is located. Then, talk to him on the phone about where he lives and the college being close. Most of the time, you will get a high ranking for that action.

  • Better trophies in Dynasty mode

    When creating your schedule, make sure to add as many ranked teams as possible. Try to go against the #1, #2, or #3 ranked team the most.

  • Trophies

    Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding award:

      BCS National Championship: Become the number one ranked college football team.

      Big East Championship: Have the most Big East conference wins.

      Gator Bowl Trophy: Win the Gator Bowl.

      Orange Bowl Trophy: Win the Orange Bowl.

      Sugar Bowl Trophy: Win the Sugar Bowl.

      Heisman Memorial Trophy: Become the most outstanding college player in the United States.

      Maxwell Award: Become the college player of the year.

      Davey O' Brien Award: Become the best quarter back.

      Doak Walker Running Back Award: Become the nation's number one running back on the field, in the classroom, and in the community.

      Receiver Of The Year: Become the number one wide receiver.

      Tight End Of The Year: Become the number one tight end.

      Back-To-Back National Champs: Win two consecutive national championships.

      Three-In-A-Row National Champs: Win three consecutive national championships.

  • Hiding endzones

    To make the endzones hidden, start a Play Now mode match. When you reach the field selection screen, set the game length to fifteen minutes, make the weather overcast cloudy, precipitation high, and temperature -20 degrees. If done correctly, in the upper corner should be a picture of a cloud with heavy snow. Start the game and by the second quarter there will be so much snow that the endzone lines and all other white lines will be gone.

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