Wangan Midnight PS3 Cheats

Wangan Midnight PS3 Cheats

PS3 Cheat codes

Wangan Midnight PS3 Cheats

Wangan Midnight PS3 Cheats

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Wangan Midnight PS3 Cheats

Card bonuses:
Collect the following cards to unlock the corresponding bonuses:

Card 1 to 5 - Engine HP L, M64 (S30, Porsche).
Card 11 to 15 - Engine HP 13B,12A (RX7).
Card 16 to 20 - Engine HP 4g63 (Evo).
Card 21 to 25 - Engine HP 13B,12A (RX7).
Card 26 to 30 - Engine HP rb26 (Skyline).
Card 31 to 35 - Engine HP vg30 (Fairlady Z).
Card 36 to 39 - Body stiffness.
Card 40 to 43 - Body weight reduction.
Card 44 - Body stiffness.
Card 45 to 47 - ECU tune for lower end torque.
Card 48 to 50 - ECU tune for high end power.
Card 51 to 52 - Scramble boost (overboost ability).
Card 53 to 54 - Increase tire grip.
Card 55 to 56 - Transmission upgrade.
Card 57 to 58 - Suspension.
Card 59 to 60 - Engine durability (slower rate to engine overheating and detonation).
Card 6 to 10 - Engine HP 2JZ, RB26 (Supra, Skyline).
Card 61 to 62 - Transmission and suspension upgrade.
Card 63 to 64 - Engine durability, tire grip, life gauge (SP).
Card 65 - Transmission and suspension.
Card 66 - Scramble overboost ability (max level 3).
Card 67 - Unknown.
Card 68 - Body stiffness, engine durability, SP.
Card 69 to 80 - Engine swap cards.
Card 81 to 128 - Various unlockable cars, character chapters, game modes, and other effects.


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Wangan Midnight PS3 Cheats PS3 Cheat Codes sony playstation 3