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Worms PS3 Cheats

Worms PS3 Cheats


Bronze trophies
Bronze Damage - Deal 10,000 points cumulative damage.
Challenges - Complete all 20 single player challenges.
Get a Lob On - Win any Playstation network game using just the grenade.
Happy Four Play - Play a four player Playstation network game.
Training - Complete all the tutorial challenges.
Barrel Buster - Shoot 100 barrels.
Body Count - Send 100 worms to meet their maker.
Greedy Worm - Collect 50 crates.
Hot Foot - Detonate 25 mines and you'll 'trigger' this award.
Shepherd - Kill 15 worms using just the sheep for this award...baaa-gain.
Three Bagger - Kill three worms with just one shot.

Silver trophies
Fast, Pink and Hard Award - Win a ranked Playstation network game in under 3 minutes.
Silver Damage - Deal 25,000 points damage.

Gold trophies
Gold Damage - Deal 50,000 points damage.

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